Our Student Ministry is a place for students to explore and own their faith. Our goal is to lead students to develop a faith of their own in Jesus Christ. Our hope is to partner with parents in helping students go deeper with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, God.

In our Student Ministry we find it important that all our students are WIRED to glorify God in their thoughts, actions and relationships with others.

WORSHIP We desire to take any opportunity that may come into our lives to WORSHIP God. So that through our actions & attitudes we will glorify God in our daily lives.

INVOLVED We desire to use our gifts and talents to be INVOLVED in the communities near and far. We will be a generation that lives out our faith and points others to Christ.

RELATIONSHIPS We desire to build RELATIONSHIPS with each other that will be based on accountability, trust and fun. We want to be there for each other and have fun doing it.

EVANGELISM We desire to make God’s name known, with our actions and reputations. We will share the GOSPEL and our stories of God’s transformative powers.

DISCIPLESHIP We desire to be part of the DISCIPLESHIP making process. We will be focused on becoming disciples who make more disciples who make more disciples.

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